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  2. Ace Jack 500 pokerkoffer
Ace Jack pokerset met 500 pokerchips.

Ace Jack 500 pokerkoffer

49,95 €

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Poker set containing 500 11,5 gram Ace Jack design pokerchips, 2 decks of used Las Vegas casino cards, 5 dice and a dealerbutton.


Ace Jack 500 pokerkoffer.

Firm aluminium poker case filled with 500 Ace Jack design pokerchips.

The Ace Jack chips are made out of ABS and weigh 11,5 gram. They are available in the standard colors white, red, blue, green and black.


Because these chips have no value print, you can always assign a value to a color that suits the poker game you want to play. Whether you want to play a cash game or a poker tournament, the Ace Jack poker set can always suit your needs.


You can order this pokerset with your own chip breakdown. Simply let us know how many chips of each color you want to receive by leaving your list in the remarks box at step 4 during checkout. 

If no breakdown is entered, we will send the set with the following breakdown:

100 x white
150 x red
100 x green
100 x blue
50 x black

The set also contains 2 decks of cards that have been used in real play at a Las Vegas casino, 5 dice and a dealerbutton.

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