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Copag Poker Padz

Copag Poker Padz

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Here's the perfect mouse pad for the Online Texas Hold'em Poker Player!


Copag Poker Padz.

Here's the perfect mouse pad for the Online Texas Hold'em Poker Player!

PokerPadz is the first green felt, poker table-shaped mouse pad made from the same materials used on casino poker tables around the world. Just large enough to hold a couple of stacks of chips, it lets computer users re-create the feel of playing live action while clicking their mouse and their chips. It's great for use with any computer in the office, the dorm or the family den.

Poker players of all ages will love to display the miniature poker table as a show of loyalty and love of poker.

This mouse pad measures a whopping 36 x 21 centimeters with a bumper around the perimeter of this mini-table.

Also included are ten 11.5g yellow and white poker chips with personalized PokerPadz inserts. Especially for the online player, the mouse pad gives the sensation of being right there in the action of the casino, including the sound of clicking poker chips while playing something very integral to the poker experience.

PokerPadz allows the online player to shuffle, stack, roll and even bounce their poker chips while deciding if count chips is bluffing or really does have the nuts.

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