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  2. High Roller 500 poker set
High Roller Poker set 500 chips

High Roller 500 poker set

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Our newst additions to our assortment of deluxe pokerchips and chipsets. Choose your own breakdown for your pokerset and play poker like a real High Roller!


High Roller 500 poker set.

We are proud to present our newest addition to our assortment of poker chips and sets!

Our new High Roller pokerchips weigh 13,5 grams and are made out of clay composite.

The High Roller chips are an excellent choice for everyone who is looking for a deluxe but affordable chipset. 

Large range of available value's.

The High Roller chips are available in 12 different value/color combinations.

The lowest available value is a grey 0,50 chip. The highest available value is the brown 25.000 chip. Because of the large range of value's, the High Roller chips can be used for all sorts of pokers and limits of cash games and poker tournaments.

Tell us what chips you want to receive in your pokerset.

A lot of suppliers only offer poker sets with a standard content. At Pokerchips.de, we offer our customers the possibility to choose their own content for their sets. This way, you always get a poker set that really fits your poker game. Simply enter the amount of chips of each value you want to receive at step 4 (comment box) during the checkout process. We will make sure your pokerset ships according to your wishes. 

Need help with choosing your best chip breakdown? Just send us a message, tell us what kind of poker you are going to play and what limits you play, and we will be more than glad to offer you our assistance.

In case we do not receive a custom breakdown for the set with an order, the set will be shipped with the following standard chip breakdown:

  • 100 x 25
  • 150 x 100
  • 150 x 500
  • 75 x 1000
  • 25 x 5000

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