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  2. Suits Euro 500 pokerkoffer
Suits Euro 500 pokerset

Suits Euro 500 pokerkoffer

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A perfect and complete poker set for cash game poker. Availabel value's ranging from €0,05 up to €500,-.


Suits Euro 500 pokerkoffer.

High quality Clay Composite pokerchips with Euro value's, delivered in a aluminium poker case.

The set also includes 2 decks of poker cards (jumbo index, 4 corners), 5 dice and a dealerbutton.


The Suits Euro chips include all value's of the Euro coins and bills from €0,05 and up. These chips are great for all stakes of cash games and can even be used for tournaments.

You can choose your own breakdown for this poker set. This allows you to fill the set exactly to the needs of your poker game. Simply enter the breakdown you wish to receive in the comment box of step 4 during checkout.

Please always check the availability of values before ordering this set. This can be done at the Suits Euro chips page.

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